Code of Ethics

Without derogation to the Council’s authority to include other matters herein, a member of the Institution shall be guilty of professional misconduct if he/she should contravene any of the following:

(i).A member shall at all times be honest in his dealings, be free from corruption and make decisions with integrity of purpose.
(ii).A member shall at all times fully discharge his duties and shall not commit any act crafted to absolve him/her from professional responsibility.
(iii).No member shall conduct himself/herself in such a manner as would in the opinion of the Council, prejudice his professional status or reputation of the Institution.
(iv).No member shall in any way be connected with any occupation or business if such a connection is, in the opinion of the Council, inconsistent with the membership of the Institution.
(v).The Council may recommend scales of fees for professional services and may if called upon to do so, determine disputes over fees.
(vi).No member shall, either directly or indirectly, orally or in writing, seek instructions for business which he/she knows or with due diligence could have ascertained is in the hands of another agent.
(vii).No member shall attempt to influence, unfairly or dishonorably whether directly or indirectly, the award in a competition.
(viii).No member shall quote a fee in competition for professional services, without having received an invitation to do so and information to enable the member to assess the nature and scopeof the services required.
(ix).A member of the Institution who is an employee of firm or organization which does not abide by the rules of professional conduct of the Institution may be required to resign from the employment or resign from membership of the Institution.
(x) A member shall not contravene the provisions of the By –
Laws of the Institution or make false declaration in his application for membership