IST Objectives

The Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania is the most professional association for land surveyors (Geomaticians) in Tanzania.

The objectives for which the Institution is hereby constituted are
• To provide a national forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about land surveying and the development of professional fraternity among surveyors and allied professionals.
• To promote and protect the status and interests of land surveying profession and uphold a stringent code of ethics for exemplary professional conduct for its members in order to maintain the professional standards.
• To advise and collaborate with the government and its agencies in the formulation and implementation of policies affecting the usage, development and management of land and marine resources.
• To promote, secure and facilitate the advancement of knowledge and expertise that constitutes the profession of land surveying.
• To promote the role of the surveyor in the:−
(i) identification, exploitation and management of the natural land resources.
(ii) conservation of the environment and management and mitigation of disasters.
• To foster and promote the development of research and dissemination of technical information pertaining to the practice of land surveying by means of lectures, seminars, publications and workshops.
• To cooperate with institutions of higher learning, in and outside the country, that provide academic training in the land surveying field and facilitate training of prospective members of the Institution aspiring to advance their professional knowledge.
• To advice the National Council of Professional Surveyors (NCPS) with regard to the:−
(i) Registration and De-registration of land surveying professionals and firms.
(ii) Appropriate measures to be taken against persons or firms that interfere with the professional interests of IST or its members.
• To facilitate close contact with professional bodies, both nationally and internationally, those are associated with the land surveying and Geo-information industry.
• To undertake any other activities that the Institution may from time to time consider desirable.
• To proscribe any of IST’s activities being influenced by external statements or actions of a political, social or religious nature.