Member Categories

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Honorary Members:

shall be persons of position or experience whose membership would in the opinion of the Council, further the aims and objectives of the Institution. Such members shall be engaged in any land sector practice but not engaged as land surveyors. Membership shall only be by invitation of the Council.

Fellow Members:

shall be persons who:
Have either been Associate Members of the Institution for at least ten years or hold such qualification(s) which in the opinion of the Council are of requisite standard and have high moral and professional integrity.
Have satisfactory experience of at least twenty years in the practice of land surveying.

Associate Members:

shall be persons who have attained academic qualifications approved by the Council, in addition of post qualification experience of a period of a type approved by the Council, and who have fulfilled such conditions as the By−Laws shall prescribe.

Graduate Members:

shall be persons who have graduate from recognized institutions of higher learning approved by the Council and who have fulfilled such conditions as prescribed in the By−Laws.

Technician Members:

shall be persons holding technician certificates from recognized colleges and approved by Council and who have fulfilled such conditions as the By−Laws shall prescribe.

Student Members:

shall persons currently pursuing full time studies at recognized colleges and institutions of higher learning and approved by the Council and have fulfilled the conditions prescribed in the By – Laws.

Corporate Members:

shall be firms registered in Tanzania and practicing land surveying or any
of its disciplines. Such firms registered outside the country may become members upon the appr
oval of the Council.

Requirements for Membership
To become a corporate member of IST, a person must have different qualification according to th
e his/her categories as shown below:

Fellow members
(i) Fellows shall be graduates in surveying from institution of higher learning recognized by the Council. No member shall be eligible to the class of Fellow unless he/she is engaged in the science or practice of surveying.
(ii) Fellows shall be more than thirty five years of age and shall have acquired a practical knowledge of surveying in one of its aspects, such experience being of uninterrupted duration of not less than ten years.
(iii) Any candidate holding an official appointment as surveyor in the United Republic of Tanzania and who shall have passed all examinations as the Council may accept, shall be eligible for election to such class.
(iv) No candidate shall be eligible for being categorized as a Fellow or to transfer to the status of a Fellow unless he/she has such knowledge of one of the fields of surveying that his election to a Fellow would, in the opinion of the Council, be in the interest of the Institution.

Associate Members
To be eligible for election or transfer to the class of Associate Members a candidate shall satisfy the Council that he/she:
(i) has attained the age of twenty five years,
(ii) has not less than five years of relevant past graduate practical experience.
(iii) is registered by the National Council of Professional surveyors
(iv) has passed examinations that may be prescribed by the Council
(v) has fulfilled such other requirements as the Council may determine.

Corporate Members
Corporate membership shall be limited to:
(i) incorporated companies practicing any of the disciplines of surveying namely: land surveying (geometrics),  engineering surveying, Geo-information and geodesy.
(ii) incorporated companies registered outside Tanzania but practicing in Tanzania in any of the disciplines of surveying listed in article 3.3 (i)
(iii) At all times corporate members shall have at least one of its directors or principal partner (for foreign registered companies) registered by the National Council of Professional Surveyors.

Graduate Members
To be eligible for election as a Graduate Member, a candidate shall be: holder of an approved degree, or other equivalent qualifications approved by the Council.

Technician Members
Technician member shall be either;
(i) holder of a diploma or certificate in any discipline of surveying recognized by the council to the effect that the training has a post O−Level emulative duration of two years or one year past A−Level training; or
(ii) holder of Full Technician Certificate or equivalent recognized by the Council.
(iii) Candidate seeking technician membership shall be required either to pass an examination for membership or pass an interview with the council endorsing a relevant practical experience of ten years.

Student Members
To be eligible for election as a Student Member, a candidate shall:
(i) have attained the age of 20 years
(ii) be a student undergoing an approved full time training at universities, colleges or other equivalent institutions, as approved by the Council.
(iii) Student membership is limited to a maximum of five years, thereafter it shall automatically lapse.