Membership Application Form

A person want to become a member of IST completes an application form by downloading here or from the office and provides copies of qualifications and a brief resume.


Become a Member

• All candidates for admission to Full, Corporate and Affiliated membership shall complete application forms, sign the declaration required under article 2(a) of the By−Laws, and submit together with completed forms and the requisite admission fees to the Secretary General.

• A candidate for admission shall be seconded by two Full Members in the case of candidates for Full and Affiliated membership and one corporate member in the case of candidates for corporate membership.

• The Secretary General shall issue a receipt for the completed application form and the admission fees, and shall  bring the application to the next Council Meeting following its receipt.

• The Council may require additional information from the candidate for election. Failure of the applicant to submit the requisite information within one month shall render the application automatically lapsed.